Bankruptcy Law


To meet the demand of our rising bankruptcy filings, Starzynski Van Der Jagt, P.C. created an application that guarantees the fastest, smartest, and easiest bankruptcy filing.

With our cutting-edge software, you are guaranteed to receive the latest revisions to official federal forms and more face-to-face time with our attorneys. We have increased our firm’s efficiency and streamlined the bankruptcy process, so you can have a faster, smarter, and easier bankruptcy.

With the extra time you save using our system, you can ask our attorneys for customized solutions for your:

  • Bankruptcy and Divorce
  • Bankruptcy and Student Loans
  • Bankruptcy and a car
  • Bankruptcy and a home
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement
  • Bankruptcy and Future Estate Planning

Our custom bankruptcy filings start at $500.00. See:

Step 1. Pay for an initial consultation. (If you retain the firm, your initial consult payment is applied to your case.)

Step 2. Schedule the initial consultation

Step 3. Fill out the online interview.

Step 4. Step 4. Meet the team and relax.

Your initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.