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Child Custody

Child Custody, also known as 'guardianship', is the field of family law that determines who should be responsible for the care of a minor child. In Colorado, these determinations are further segmented into parental responsibilities and rights, which may be shared or supervised. These determinations involve the court, which has the right to make decisions about the child, or legal custody, including decisions about education, religion, medical issues, and discipline, as well as where the child will live, or physical custody. Colorado courts are compelled to apply the legal principle of 'best interests of the child' when making a custody determination. There are two types of custody. Sole custody refers to custody in which one parent makes all the major decisions on the child's life, like where they will live, which religion, medical decisions, and education. Joint custody involves the division of responsibilities. In some cases one parent will decide on where the child will live and the other will decide on the type of education they will have. If the couple cannot come to an agreement, a judge will decide on these matters. It is almost always in the best interests of everyone involved in a divorce to work things out privately, rather than let a judge decide it. Having proper representation will be a top priority for you. Call us to schedule a private meeting to learn more about child custody law. All child custody information is kept strictly confidential.
Wisconsin follows the Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA), which is intended to minimize interstate child custody conflicts. Thus Wisconsin child custody laws allow parents and guardians the option of joint custody and recognize grandparent visitation rights.


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