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Automobile Accidents

Statistics show that some time during your life you will be in an automobile accident. But a lot of people are bewildered about what to do after they've been in one. Unfortunately, your insurance company will not be a good place for help, because they will be looking out for their interests, which means, of course, getting out of paying damages if they can. If you have been in an accident, the first thing you should do is remain calm and call the police. Under no circumstances should you apologize or in any way admit fault, even if the accident was caused by you. There are legal aspects to automobile accidents that you may not be aware of, and talking too much may get you in more trouble than you are responsible for. DO ask if the other driver is injured, examine their car and their physical condition. Take pictures if you have a camera. Answer all the questions the police ask you, but, again, don't admit anything.

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